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Like a love child of Marilyn Manson & Alanis Morissette.



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How bizarre, some woman has hijacked my #princeharming announcement to further her own music…

Track listing for #princeharming deluxe ed. for those who are interested but need swaying…

#PrinceHarming the deluxe edition is available now at http://dirtyprettythin.bandcamp.com/album/prince-harming-deluxe-edition #newmusic #hiprock

#throwbackthursday - a teaser artwork for #Glitterati. Back in 2010…. So-so-so long ago….

#PrinceHarming the Remix album goes live tomorrow, for those interested in such things… http://dirtyprettythin.bandcamp.com/album/prince-harming-the-remixes

You can buy it now for a paltry super-bargain price of £1.99!

#PrettyAndJaggedDeluxeEdition and #crucifixiononadancefloor albums, now available to buy at http://www.dirtyprettythin.bandcamp.com

The remix album is available to preorder at dirtyprettythin.bandcamp.com #princeharming #remix

It’s the year 2025, Liara Nicholson is leading a 13 man crew on an expedition into the heart of Mount Kailash in the mountains of Tibet. They’re following a lead on the mysterious Alpha Compass; a strange artefact made of alloy found in a lost Egyptian tomb that predates man’s discovery of alloy itself.
An impossibility that threatens everything the world knew about it’s own history. Controversial and scandalous the compass divided the academic community, but it only encouraged world renowned adventurer and explorer Liara to solve the mystery. Searching for answers, the crew make the discovery of a lifetime. Deep inside the mountain they will find an exotic world they never expected and as they are betrayed and stranded, Liara will have to fight for her very survival against all odds in a journey that will push her to her limits and challenge everything she ever thought she knew.
Deep within the uncompromising wicked paradise she will uncover a shocking revelation that will change her forever…


#throwbackthursday - the original and then the 2014 remake artwork. #crucifixiononadancefloor #dirtyprettythin

Don’t forget the #PrinceHarming LP is available to stream/download at http://www.dirtyprettythin.bandcamp.com

Obviously a parody, dedicated to my darling little puggy.
A silly little something…